Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

[BOOK REVIEW] The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, is children book or you can say it’s a young adult book (buku untuk abegos labilos) which I’m not include in it. But I found Myself drowning ‘coz the story ‘til it can brought to my dream. First time I read the synopsis, I wasn't so sure, but after page by page I surprised by it, the story is not just a story it’s a reflection of the real world, about government who take control a whole country. It’s thrill me, shock me, touch me, and it’s completely stir my nerve and my emotion

Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

[MOVIE REVIEW] 5 Centimeters Per Second

"Hey,they say it's five centimeters per second"
"Huh,what is?"
" The speed at which cherry blossoms fall.It's supposedly five centimeters per second"

Director : Makoto Shinkai

Judul anime ini memang di ambil dari laju bunga sakura yang berjatuhan, yang merupakan juga analogi dari inti cerita dalam anime ini yang menceritakan 3 tokoh utama dalam film ini : Takaki, Akira dan Kanae. Anime ini dibagi menjadi tiga episode atau tiga cerita pendek tapi tetap dalam satu film dengan cerita yang saling berhubungan satu sama lain